The Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor’s Preventative Maintenance program is a quarterly inspection program. Unlike other companies who have a silver, gold or platinum maintenance plans where they inspect or service different components of your system on a bi-annual basis depending upon the service plan you choose, we offer just one COMPLETELY COMPREHENSIVE maintenance plan performed on a quarterly basis. That’s because we believe in inspecting and servicing ALL the components within your system to keep YOUR SYSTEM running at its best possible performance level within the constraints of its operational life AND at a very competitive cost too!

This quarterly maintenance may include some or all of the points listed below as each system is different on each building. That’s why our maintenance plans are customized to MATCH your system (not all systems are alike yet they can be very similar).

Air Conditioning

Clean evaporator coil as needed (if accessible)
Clean condenser coil as needed
Clean drain pan (if accessible)
Clean permanent / washable air filters
Clean condensate pump

Check temperature drop across evaporator coil
Check amperage of compressor & motors
Check for proper drainage
Check refrigerant charge/pressures & charge refrigerant into systems when needed
Check equipment performance

Inspect electronic motors
Inspect condenser fan motor & capacitor
Inspect blower assembly
Inspect condenser fan blade
Inspect relays, contactors, controls
Inspect & adjust refrigerant controls
Inspect & adjust temperature controls
Inspect safety controls
Visually inspect for obvious signs of refrigerant & oil leaks

Oil motors as needed
Lubricate bearings as required
Install algaecide tablet in drain pan where needed (improves indoor air quality)


Heaters and Furnaces

Clean drain pan (if accessible)
Clean permanent/washable air filters
Clean/replace pump strainer as needed, if necessary

Check combustion efficiency
Check gas burners & valve
Check evaporator & condenser coils ???
Check refrigerant charge/pressures if needed ???

Inspect all controls
Inspect combustion chamber/heat exchanger and clean if necessary
Inspect pilot burner assembly & tubing
Inspect thermocouple(s)
Inspect blower assembly
Inspect condenser fan blade
Inspect draft inducer assembly
Inspect thermostat
Visually inspect any accessible stack

Brush/vacuum heat exchanger as needed
Oil motor(s) as needed
Replace oil filter element as needed
Replace standard oil nozzle if needed
Adjust electrodes if required
Set manifold (gas) pressure if necessary

Verify operation of defrost cycle
Verify operation of emergency heat
Verify all safety controls


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