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Many people think of site lighting as referring to parking lot lights however it encompasses much more. At Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. we provide solutions to reduce energy consumed by site lighting through energy efficient lighting retrofits and installations for commercial buildings, parking lots, warehouses, industrial facilities and other commercial facilities – in other words, for your entire site, no matter what lighting is being used.

We offer both new lighting system installations and retrofits. Retrofit programs can provide up to 70% reduction in site lighting electricity costs. Any business using a lot of electric lighting can benefit from our retrofit lighting in conjunction with our maintenance services. Our energy efficient site lighting retrofit and lighting maintenance programs will transform your current site lighting system into one that offers more security, increases sales, shows colors better, looks cleaner, generates less heat, requires no staff time for maintenance and costs less to use.

So when you think about site lighting think about it being a cost saving venture for your business. Think about how Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. can help you in this venture of savings through the installation and use of more efficient site lighting fixtures. Today’s technology offers lighting which is twice as bright with greater lumen output while using 30% – 70% less electricity. Additionally they “run” cooler so they expend less heat thereby providing additional savings from your HVAC system when cooling the facility.

Upgraded Site Lighting Benefits

There are other benefits attributed to upgrading your site lighting as well:

  • The lighting lasts twice as long saving you on replacement costs
  • Less replacement means reduced maintenance costs as well
  • They provide white, clean looking light making colors more vibrant
  • Good lighting deters crime and produces a more secure atmosphere/environment, both indoors and outdoors as well
  • Well lit areas provide greater customer appeal as well through an enhanced appearance while exuding comfort and safety
  • Better site lighting promotes a more favorable work environment boosting employee morale and productivity
  • And let’s not forget the obvious – makes it easier to see and read

Whether you operate a dentist office, a warehouse, several strip malls, chain of furniture stores, a collegiate football stadium or ice rink – your site lighting is an energy cost source. So take the time to have Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. provide you with a complete site lighting survey that just may help you save some money and provide other benefits along the way too.

Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. continues to proudly serve Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware Counties and the city of Philadelphia; all of southeastern Pennsylvania.

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