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 HVAC Services - Roof-top units When it comes to commercial HVAC Services, Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. installs, maintains and services commercial HVAC systems and refrigeration units for all types of businesses; including but not limited to: professional office buildings, hospitals, college campuses, school districts, retail stores, restuarants as well as various industrial complexes within the greater Delaware Valley. We operate as a complete commercial HVAC Services company staffed by professional and experienced HVAC technicians whom are equipped with advanced analytical equipment and tools; able to take care of any and all HVAC Services needs you may have.
It is vital to use a company that understands the importance of detail and the complexities often inherent in industrial applications. There is absolutely no room for miscalculations or misjudgments when working on HVAC Systems. We know the quality of air you or your tenants want to breathe; the comfort levels a well working heating and air conditioning system provide; the critical importance of the environment being provided by you for your employees or for lease. That’s why so many of our clients rely on our HVAC Services. HVAC Services - Ventilation System
HVAC Services - Heating System Our extensive knowledge and experience with commercial HVAC Systems of all types and sizes help keep us ahead of the curve providing you with the most technologically available HVAC Services within the greater southeastern Pennsylvania area. No skills are more important than having first hand knowledge and experience with respect to the installation, maintenance and workings of any HVAC System. That’s why Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. is your choice for commercial HVAC Services.


HVAC Services Preventative Maintenance Program

All HVAC Systems need to be maintained however maintenance need not cost you an arm and a leg nor should you wait until something goes awry before having your HVAC System maintained. Many businesses throughout the area rely on our Preventative Maintenance Program to effectively avoid equipment failures with their HVAC Systems and/or Refrigeration units. That’s not to say that emergencies do not occur because we all know that at any time a situation could arise where in fact it becomes an emergency. As such we realize the importance of these matters and also provide 24/7 emergency coverage as well to get your facility/building’s HVAC System restored when an emergency does occur.

Take a look at an example of what a Preventative Maintenance Program may include by following this link: Click Here. Additionally, we will customize a plan specifically for your building’s needs as we realize every building is different.

Remember, the best way to ensure peak performance and trouble free operation of your commercial HVAC System is by performing seasonal preventative maintenance on your system to help avoid a system failure during the coldest or hottest period/time of the year.

Benefits to an HVAC Services Preventative Maintenance Program

1.) Increase the life of your HVAC System: On average properly maintained HVAC Systems have a 30% longer life
span than those not maintained.

2.) Lower Utility Costs: Dirty coils contribute to loss of cooling/heating capacity, therefore higher power consumption. Preventative Maintenance helps save on utility bills.

3.) Healthier Environment: Dirty HVAC Systems can cause dust mites, soiling of furniture; and in severe cases, have been known to be health threatening.

4.) Peace of Mind: With our Preventative Maintenance Program we’re looking out for you and your building’s “health” so to speak, offering you a worry-free lifestyle when it comes to your HVAC Systems’ needs.

5.) Maintains Warranty: All manufacturers require routine maintenance to keep their factory warranty valid. Although most maintenance related repairs are not covered under any manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty, they are required to maintain the overall warranty valid.

6.) Parts Discounts: You receive a 15% discount on any part needing to be replaced.

7.) Priority Service: When the need for service arises you are given priority over of non-agreement customers.

Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. continues to proudly serve Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware Counties and the city of Philadelphia; all of southeastern Pennsylvania.

For all of your commercial HVAC Services needs call Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. at (215) 538-9716 or (610) 972-1017…you’ll be glad you did!