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Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. - Generac Generators, Sales and Service Today, more than ever, with rolling blackouts and what seems to be increasing naturally caused power outages, planning for the inevitable power outage by utilizing generators must be considered by businesses of all types. Power outages are not confined to the coasts or even to “Tornado Alley”. In fact, more than 60% of all power outages are not weather related at all. The need for electricity is increasing at a phenomenal rate and utility companies are finding it difficult to keep pace with the growing demand. As a result, the overloading of our aging power grid has become an ever-increasing cause of extended outages nationwide contributing to the need for back-up generators.
Smart business managers know that it is only a matter of time before their businesses are affected by a power outage. Every year, more than 2 million U.S. businesses experience a power outage lasting eight hours or more. The cost of these outages is astronomical interms of lost revenue alone. Lost revenue is only part of the story. When you consider some of the other direct costs and intangible losses, it’s easy to see why an extended outage can be devastating. Data can be lost, employees are idled, manufacturing processes are disrupted, refrigerated goods spoil, security systems may be disabled, customers are inconvenienced and whole host of other things can and do happen when there is a loss of power and no back-up generators to support ongoing operations. Generac Generators - Power Outage Costs To Business
Generac Generators - Power Outage Causes
So what’s your back-up plan? One of the first components of your back-up plan should include a call to Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. because we are an authorized dealer for Generac Power Systems, the best back-up generators in the industry. Whether you are a small business such as a restuarant or a multi-national with plants around the globe, Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. and Generac can support your back-up plan for power. Together, we offer small portable units up to large stationary and even mobile generators to suit your needs. Generac revolutionized the commercial generator market with the first standby generators powerful enough to back your entire business without the cost of expensive configured systems. So call Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. and get your back-up power generators installed before you face the inevitable.

Residential Back-up Generators

“Peace of mind” is how most homeowners describe the feeling of having a stand-by generator in place. No longer do they need to worry about food spoilage, pipes burst due to freezing, communication with the outside world, lights, cooking or added monetary losses by owning one of the many residential generators offered by Generac through its authorized dealer, Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc.

Just recently the effects of Hurricane Sandy affected more than 7 million individuals over many states. Many were without power for days; weeks even. Story after story flooded the news airwaves of neighbor helping neighbor with portable back-up power generators. For many it was some relief to just have lights.

Now is the time to get a back-up or even a stand-by generator system for your very own “peace of mind” for your family and household. Contact Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. to purchase a portable unit or have a stand-by generator installed. Call Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. today to see why Generac power generators are considered the #1 Name in Home Standby Power and chosen 7 to 1 over the competition.


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