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General Contracting - Tenant Improvements

Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. provides commercial general contracting services for the retail, commercial, office, and light industrial marketplace here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We can and do provide a full range of general contracting services for commercial & light industrial clients managing projects of various building types including general offices, retail, professional offices, specialty retail, warehouses, refrigerated warehouses, storage facilities, restaurants and other spaces. We are experienced in new construction, renovation and expansion as well as customer TI’s of existing spaces in varied settings. We work within your schedule and budgetary requirements to construct a building and/or space that meets your criteria.

Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. provides each of our clients with personalized general contracting services. We are your one stop full service general contractor, managing all of your commercial construction needs from design to completion and beyond. Our commitment to serving our clients with their best interests in mind is at the forefront of any project. At Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. details are important. Our Pre-Construction Services demonstrate our high attention to detail and show our dedication to the success of our client’s project. Pre-Construction cost estimating is a crucial step in the process of executing a successful commercial construction plan.

Understanding the unique environmental, spatial, and business needs of any project is key. As such we deliver not just building solutions, but business solutions, that:

  • Promote positive, professional, and comfortable settings for people to work
  • Facilitate revenue generation and operating cost efficiencies through maximized spatial utilization
  • Minimize or eliminate the downtime normally associated with construction activity in upgrades, additions or TI’s
  • Employ specialized construction design, technologies, and materials that:
    • Ensure compatibility of the space with the specialized functions to be performed
    • Facilitate efficient work flow
    • Manage, direct, or contain HVAC conditions and variables such as:
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Noise levels
      • Odors
      • Moisture

and much more depending on the specifics of the project as each project is unique unto its self.

General Contracting Services

A.) General Contracting Services - Pre-Construction/Design Management 

Our Pre-Construction & Design Management Services Include:

    • Contracting with and managing the civil engineering firm to provide civil engineering documents ensuring the needs and standards of the customer are met
    • Qualifying local contractors to certify their capability of providing the quality and standards opted by the customer

Our Pre-Construction/Design Management Services Provides:

    • A good foundation to any construction project ensuring that the architectural and engineering documents are to the quality, standards and methods required by the customer
    • A scope of work and design that is within budget and meets the customer’s expectations
    • The best cost possible with bids from qualified, capable contractors willing to perform the work required
    • Customer Contracting Options:
      • The owner has the option of contracting directly with both the architectural/engineering firm used and with Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. (for design management services), or
      • The owner may contract exclusively with Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. and, in turn, have Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. contract with the architectural/engineering firm, effectively establishing Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. as the single point of responsibility for the project.

B.) General Contracting Services - Construction Management Services

Our Construction Management Services Includes:

    • Contract negotiation and contract award of the selected general contractor
    • Scheduling of construction timelines
    • Submittal of building and zoning permit documents
    • Management of onsite pre-construction meetings
    • Periodic site visitation, ensuring adherence to construction documents, scope of work, specifications, and timelines
    • Approval of payment requests
    • Periodic progress reporting
    • Final walk-through and punch list
    • Assembly of warranty binders containing all warranties, guarantees, operational instructions, etc.

Our Construction Management Services Provides:

    • the customer with the guidance, experience, and expertise of Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. as construction manager; acting as a single point of responsibility whereby subsequent contracts with other sub-contractors are managed.

C.) General Contracting Services

Our General Contracting Services Includes:

    • Qualification, contract negotiation and award of the subcontractors and suppliers necessary to assemble the project
    • Acquisition of all products in the contract necessary to assemble the project
    • Maintaining a schedule of construction timeline
    • Keeping the disruption to company staff to a minimum in build-outs or new construction
    • Daily supervision of the project assembly, subcontractors and suppliers
    • Periodic inspections as required by local government
    • Periodic reports to the customer on progress of project
    • Final walk-through and acceptance list
    • Warranty binder containing all warranties, guarantees, operational instructions, etc

Our General Contracting Services Provides:

    • complete project management
    • single point financial responsibility knowing that the importance for any project to be done on time and on budget

D.) General Contracting Services - General Contracting Value Engineering

Phase I – Design Review

This phase defines the project requirements, and may include some or all of the following:

    • Direct consultation with the owner
    • Site visit, review site and local conditions; make educated recommendations for design and construction feasibility
    • If an architect has not been selected, based on the owner’s input, we aid in establishing preliminary drawings for site plans, floor plans, elevations, wall sections, finishes, and mechanical and electrical requirements. We will suggest architects whom have solid reputations for their experience with designing a building to suit your needs
    • If the owner has already established a relationship with an architect, we will review the plans with the owner and the architect to make recommendations and/or guide the owner’s approval of the plans based on our extensive knowledge of construction.

Phase II – Construction

To start the process Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. needs a signed contract and a deposit, then we proceed accordingly:

    • Review drawings and establish an estimated cost
    • After all owner approvals of plans and variables, establish a guaranteed cost for construction
    • Supply a time and delivery schedule
    • Obtain permits and/or all legal documents necessary to begin construction
    • Begin construction

E.) General Contracting Services - Commercial Building & Pre-acquisition Inspection Services

Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. may be contracted initially to:

    • Evaluate the condition of the building(s) or facilities involved in the acquisition or lease of an existing space
    • Evaluate the feasibility of existing space for the type of operation to be located there
    • Provide recommendations for repairs and improvements and their associated costs

Feasibility Studies aimed at investigating and reporting:

    • The existing conditions of a facility
    • Its potential uses
    • The needs of the business functioning in the facility
    • Recommendations for repair and renovation
    • The anticipated cost of construction

A Standard Feasibility Study Includes:

    • A site visit to the facility
    • Investigation of the existing building(s) and condition(s)
    • Investigation of the needs of the business
    • Investigation of local building and zoning ordinances
    • Renovation or construction design recommendations
    • Construction method options
    • Anticipated cost breakdown
    • Anticipated architectural and engineering costs

Our Construction Inspection Services May Be Used:

    • To provide the documented information necessary for negotiating the purchase or sale of a structure
    • For budgeting purposes
    • To determine the feasibility of purchasing or a sale of a structure

Examples of our General Contracting Construction Inspection Services

An example of the value of this service is of a stand-alone building we inspected for purchase by one of our clients in Lansdale, PA. There was a question regarding the replacement of the roof. One of our Project Manager investigated the roof for our customer. From the investigation, we were able to provide our client with the documented information necessary to require the seller to pay for the new roof. This example saved our customer $16,000.00 had they purchased the site as is.

In another example, a building that was not investigated before our client acquired it was in Doylestown, PA. After purchasing it, we discovered during renovation that a portion of the foundation’s slab had become hollow below requiring removal and replacement. Additionally, the roof was designed and built incorrectly requiring an entirely new structure be built over the existing building. Further, it was discovered that the building had been through a fire. The cost of items that required repair or replacement was upwards of $137,000.00 which could have been negotiated into the acquisition cost of the building had we been asked to do an inspection prior to the purchase.

Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. continues to proudly serve Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware Counties and the city of Philadelphia; all of southeastern Pennsylvania.

Please call Power Electric & Mechanical Contractor Inc. for all of your General Contracting needs at 215-538-9716 or 610-972-1017…you’ll be glad you did!